Oh wow there’s so many things happening in the world
I just happened to watched the news.

- My condolences to the koreans who lost their loved ones in that ferry accident.

- Pope John Paul II will be canonized already?! Wow!!! Seems like it was just yesterday that he was our Pope and now he’ll be a Saint! Wow! :)

- The most powerful man in the world will be visiting our country and I hope I catch a glimpse of him. Obama is like my idol in politics how I wish politicians here in our country are just like him. He’s the best!

And that’s pretty much what I missed in the real world.

Gosh I really have to watch the news in a more daily basis.

Remember the time when No one gives a fuck to Sara/Callie’s existence and almost everyone hates her character?

Well life’s a bitch and life’s a wheel huh!

(I watched the interview of grey’s cast when they won their Golden Globe and No one seemed to give a fuck to Sara and it pissed me off, BIGTIME! I just want to point out where she is NOW! Booyah to everyone who ignored her that time!)

So ze boyfriend texted me about the OUTLAW QUEEN happening!!!

Was it true??????

I’m at work and won’t be able to see the ep til tomorrow and I’m going cray cray!

I don’t know if he’s just messing around me buuuuut…
This is great!!!!

Robinhood and My Sassy Queen Regina!!! ❤❤❤

I love it! Can’t wait to watch it.
And ze boyfriend also texted me that Snow played as the wingman! Wowzers way to go snow for redeeming yourself to Regina!!! Yay!

Really can’t wait to watch it!







Callie holding Derek Bailey Shepherd

Is the baby’s name Derek Bailey Shepard? When did that happen and I missed it.

I thought his name was Bailey??

Me too

What Shonda says on twitter goes!

Dr. Miranda Bailey also mentioned the whole name of Baby Bailey earlier this season. I think it was before Callie blurt out Arizona’s cheating during their emergency board meeting inside Meredith’s hospital room.