Ahh that feeling when you see a “sneak peek” from your favorite show.

You will drop everything and frantically find a good spot to fangirl (so that no one else notices how excited you are just by seeing a phrase “sneak peek”)

After that you will rape the replay button because you are just so hungry of the details. And then it will play over your head again and again. You will smile maniacally, people will stare at you and think you’re from crazytown.

Funny how a 1 minute clip transforms everyone.

I missed this feeling.

Grey’s season 11 very very very soon!

Hi there! How are you people doing?
I’ve been MIA most of the time (besides the occassional calzona posts) because this is not my main tumblr account (no worries, my main tumblr isn’t doing any good at all, it’s full of rants about douche people I meet during work, not entertaining at all) and because I’m busy rotating around the hospitals (making sure I won’t repeat any of it). And as we countdown the start of SEASON ELEVEN, I also countdown the end of my junior internship.

19 days to go and that “M.D.” will be mine!!!!!!!
Excited to add two letters in my name. SUPER!



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